Maya K’ay Leather

Maya K’ay Leather

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Leather necklace ‘Maya K’ay’

Maya K’ay symbol on a black leather necklace

The Maya K’ay symbol silver pendant measures 27 x 17 mm.

The silver pendant comes with a black leather necklace of 43 cm long with a silver clasp, a certificate and a green gift box.

The certificate shows the material, culture and symbolism of the item. In French, English and Dutch.


The pendant is a silver plate with a Maya symbol in it.

The K’ay is a Maya symbol for music. It is found in many Maya manuscripts.

Music, text and dance played an important role in pre-Columbian civilizations.

It provided structure and meaning during the many rituals and festivities.


The origin of this symbol is from pre-Columbian cultures in Central America.

From the Maya Classic period 250-900 A.C.

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