Jade eye lilac

Jade eye lilac

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Eternity, protection and healing


Lilac jade eye necklace

Handmade lilac jade eye pendant (20 mm) on a silver snake necklace (42 cm).

The lilac jade eye pendant comes in a green jewelry box, including a certificate and the silver chain.

The material used is silver and jadeite. This is the hardest type of jade and therefore needs carving with diamond tools.
Jadeite naturally occurs in several colours. This pendant is available in four beautiful shades.

Symbolism and Healing

The Maya believed jade to have protective powers. Their nobility and priests used to wear it, as it would guide them from this world to the next upon their death. The Maya and Aztecs were relieved that the Spanish conquerors only wanted gold and not their valuable Jade.

In Maya culture, jade represents ‘eternity’

Also, the effect on bladder and kidney is healing.

Additionally, it brings inner peace and wisdom.


Maya culture, Classic period 250-900 A.C.

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