Hacha Maya light green

Hacha Maya light green

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Protection, healing and eternity


Silver Necklace ‘Hacha Maya Light Green’

Jade stone pendant ‘Hacha Maya’ on a silver snake chain

The jade stone pendant was handmade of jade and measures 10 mm x 15 mm.

The jade pendant comes with a silver snake chain of 42 cm long, a certificate and a green gift box.

The certificate shows the material, culture and symbolism of the item. In French, English and Dutch.

Symbolism & Healing

In Maya culture, the mineral stone signifies ‘eternity’.

In addition, jade offers protection. It was incredibly valuable to the Maya.

This so-called ‘Hacha’ got worn by kings, priests and other noblemen.

It would guide them to another world upon their death.

When the Spanish came, it pleased the Maya and Aztecs to see they were only interested in gold, and hadn’t come across their valuable jade yet.

Jade is also used in case of bladder or kidney issues and for inner peace and wisdom.


The origin of this stone is from Guatemala.

This symbol is used in ancient Maya culture.

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Dimensions 5 × 2 cm