Earrings Twist jade black

Earrings Twist jade black

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Together strong forever


Earrings Twist Jade black 

Handmade black Twist earrings (25 mm) made of jade with silver hooks.

The black Twist earrings come in a small gift bag with a certificate.

The material used is jadeite. This is the hardest type of jade and therefore needs carving with diamond tools.
Jadeite naturally occurs in several colours. These earrings are available in four beautiful shades.

Symbolism and Healing

The Twist is a Maori symbol for friendship and a strong bond. Despite the highs and lows in life, two people remain strong together.
In Maori culture, jade represents ‘eternity’.

It is used for kidney and bladder issues, for inner peace and wisdom.


Maori culture, New Zealand.

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