Cosmic Cross Pendant Leather

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Cosmic Cross Pendant Leather

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Leather necklace ‘Cosmic Cross’

Cosmic Cross pendant on a black leather necklace

The cosmic cross pendant was handmade and has a diameter of 23 mm.

The silver pendant comes with a black leather necklace of 43 cm long with a silver clasp, a certificate and a green gift box.

The certificate shows the material, culture and symbolism of the item. In French, English and Dutch.


The silver pendant shows a cross with four dots near the middle.

The symbol represents the four winds and races set on earth to keep the cross in balance and stands for balance and harmony.

The symbol makes a great gift for a anybody.


The origin of this symbol is from North America.

This symbol is used by the Arizona Hopi tribe.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 cm