5th sun silver

5th sun silver

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Silver necklace ‘5th Sun’

Aztec symbol on a silver snake chain

This silver Aztec symbol comes with a silver snake chain of 42 cm long, a certificate and a green gift box.

The pendant has a diameter of 25 mm.

The certificate shows the material, culture and symbolism of the item. In French, English and Dutch.

There are two versions of this symbol, the other is slightly bigger (35 mm). It is also available with a leather necklace instead of silver.


According to ancient Aztec writings, there have been four suns before our current fifth.

Every new sun brought an entirely new earth, with its flora, fauna and humankind.

All life was lost in order to be reborn on a higher level.

Surviving into the new millennium would only be possible with a lot of wisdom and a heart as strong as rock.


The origin of this symbol is from Central America.

This symbol originates from the classic Aztec culture.

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